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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two Mornings After

The buzz lingered. I was so caught up in Stras-mania last night still that I hardly noticed they were playing another game. I think the Nats even won again.

Did Bryce Harper start in right field?

Ba-da-boom! I'll be here all week (sorry to say).

Maybe the best thing about yesterday is people were talking about the Nationals. Well, they were talking about Strasburg mostly and the Nationals as an ancillary thing but that's OK. They were talking about the Nationals. And it was positive talk.

People are trying to figure out his starts (even fifth day, not every fifth game) and figuring out how to get tickets, home and away. People are talking about every game he throws being must-see TV.

There's a lot of weight being placed on this kid's shoulders, maybe more now than before he actually threw. That's OK. After seeing him Tuesday, I'm certain he can handle it.

The only thing I ask is for us long-suffering types to keep our seats. We'll make room on the bandwagon for as many people who want to jump aboard but I'm not giving up my chair for anyone. I was here first, since 2005 thank you. Since 205 losses the past two seasons, thank you. Welcome aboard but don't block my view.


bdrube said...

And then it was back to the drawing board last night. I was at the game again (8-1 now!) and it was like everyone, the fans and the Nats, had a Sras-(hang)over. Lannan looked particularly bad.

Here, though, demonstrates the difference bewtween now and two years ago. Lannan looks incresingly mortal and Olsen has had another (surprise!) setback on top of losing Marquis, but because we have so much pitching depth it is not the end of the world. We even have a guy in AAA who has about 16 saves and a half-run ERA and we haven't been compelled to bring him up!

That is really something to be thankful for.

David said...

Manny Acta says he has an attitude of gratitude. Well after 2 and a half years of him trotting out Wily Mo Pena, Saul Rivera, and his other personal favorites, then blaming the front office for not giving him a "roster", I'm grateful that we're even talking about bandwagon fans.

MikeHarris said...

Hey David - how come I'm not on your blog roll!?!? Yeah, I know. Got to get you on mine, too. Thanks for visiting.

Our man Zuckerman did a piece on Manny yesterday, noting Manny is as happy as he's ever been. Best line of the day came from one commenter who said, yeah, Manny's happy in Cleveland and I'm happy he's in Cleveland, too.

Riggleman has a much better roster this year than Manny had, no question. Riggleman also did a better job with Manny's roster last year.

Manny also said on TV last night that DC never got to see the real Kearns, that he could tell last year Kearns was hurt.

So who kept trotting him out there, planting Willingham on the bench?