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Thursday, June 3, 2010

They're Getting Over It, Why Can't I?

News is out that Jim Joyce declined an option to sit out today's game and will work the plate in Detroit the day after blowing that call. Armando Galaragga will deliver the lineup card. They'll shake hands and move on. A good umpire made a terrible call. Stuff happens. They'll get past it.

So what's wrong with me that the game Tuesday won't remove itself from my brain? I keep seeing that pitch to Berkman over and over and over again and I want to bash my head into a wall over and over and over again.

Not the missed call on the very obvious strike three, although that is wearing a hole in my stomach, too.

The next one, the weak piece of crap that Berkman poked into left field to score the winning run.

The journalist in me admires Matt Capps. He stood in there after the game and blamed himself, said he should have taken it out of the umpire's hands.

The fan in me says HELL YES and then wonders, "So what was up with that pitch?"

Wasn't it 0-2 at one point? Is there any reason you don't bust him inside four times, with some of that 95 mph heat? This isn't Nook Logan up to bat. It's a bona fide, proven, quality major leaguer who has driven in more than 100 runs in six seasons. Berkman knows what he is doing up there.

I can live with getting beat. It happens, thankfully not as often as it used to and Matt Capps is a major reason why.

But trust your stuff man. If you get beat, you get beat. Get beat with your best and tip your cap as you walk off the field. Do not get beat with some weak-ass pitch that should not have been thrown. You're an honorable, stand-up man Matt Capps. I love that. You're also a better pitcher than that.

At least my frustration over Tuesday's game is keeping me from getting frustrated over last night's game. A split with the Astros? Please.

I'll get over all this soon, I promise. I hope. Tuesday IS coming and all is about to be right with the world.

Strasburg, after all, has SWS. He does not have any weak-ass crap in his arsenal.


Anonymous said...

If Pudge is catching Capps Tuesday night, that last pitch (and probably many of the pitches before it) would have been something entirely different. That's what a future HOF catcher does that a career minor leaguer can't. Especially a career minor leaguer who had probably never caught Capps before that night.

And you'd better believe that having Pudge behind the plate was the main driver - if not the only driver - behind the decision to slip Strasburg to Tuesday night.

DMan said...

You'll have equally as much trouble getting over today's game. Another choke job against the 'Stros.

bdrube said...

Will someone PLEASE explain to me what Guzman was doing out in right field in the bottom of the 9th. My freaking head hurts over that one.

This loss is on Riggleman, not Capps.

DMan said...


MikeHarris said...

Yeah, those fly balls should be pretty routine. I suspect I could have maybe made that catch.

Hell, Capps blows two saves and I don't believe gave up an earned run? I put the other one more on him because of the weak-ass pitch but he should have been done by then.

The turning point south of the season? Lord I hope not but I fear that. 1-3 in Houston is inexcusable.