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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ticket Masters

You'd think by now I'd be Internet-savvy enough to pull off some of these stunts.

A young man I know, one of my best friends despite the 100-year age difference, went online this a.m. and bought a four-game plan that included the Tuesday debut of you-know-who (JEE-SUS in case you don't).

Seeing as he was already the owner of four tickets to that June 8 Date With Destiny, he went online and legally sold those tickets.

That money covered the cost of his other three games. Free baseball. Plus a hat.

I need to get with it.

I am also a part of a group of four that got tickets because it was a Tuesday and the Pittsburgh fan in our bunch had the night off. We figured we'd get a t-shirt because Tuesdays and t-shirts are automatic.

Turns out they're not but the "prize" instead allows me to get over my anger a little bit.

I was able to get online last night and find one ticket near our section but not two. So we've add one to our traveling party.

I'm now convinced this is the biggest night in Nationals-in-DC history, topping the first home game in 2005 and the ZimmermanWalkOffChristenTheStadium in 2008.


Anonymous said...

If someone was really smart they could have used the flex plan to grab tickets not only for Strastivus but also for his next three home starts, wich look to be Sat 6/19 against the Obamas, Tues 7/6 against the Gwynns, and Sun 7/11 against the team that bailed on Bonds - probably all for less than what just the Strastivus ticket would cost on StubHub. (Of course rain, injury or extreme suckitude on the part of other Nats pitchers could mess that up, but them's the breaks of the game.)

bdrube said...

Though still peeved about June 4th (for which I had scored Diamond Club seats through Red Carpet Rewards) I bit the bullet last week and got Mezzanine with no problem for 6/8. I was surprised it was so easy and figured 6/8 would go fast when 6/4 fell by the wayside.

In retrospect, I should have bought twenty or so and made a killing, but like you I just don't have the knack. :)