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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Swing or no?

Fun night at our house, right to the end. My son cooked dinner on the grill (and got soaked in the process). We put the clicker to full use. Braves-Phils on ESPN, Nats-Astros on MASN.

At least one of us got to go to bed happy.

What kept me awake was wondering how badly, if at all, the umps missed the strike three call before the winning hit. Where's Rob Dibble when I need him? I thought he went. My son wasn't as sure, though he thought the pitch may have been a strike anyway (I did not, I just thought he swung).

Just like the game against the Padres, one pitch later and it is done. "Capps has to be better than that," my son said. "Blow the next one by him."

No argument there. I just can't shake that non-call from my brain. Thanks to the always-awesome Dan Steinberg and The Bog for providing photographic proof THAT I AM RIGHT. Feel good about being right? No. Feel worse about the game.

Whatever. We're a day closer to The Day. My red t-shirt with Strasburg 37 on the back arrived. I got a cool new hat for the event. Time to start thinking ahead, not behind.

But, dagggone, that sure looked like strike three and the linked picture PROVES ME RIGHT. Of course, if Zimmerman doesn't go all matador on us with that first ground ball (Ole!), it's probably a moot point. Or a mute point as a friend used to write, in which case I'm silent.


Eric said...

It was a swing, but you can't expect to get those calls - especially to end the game, on the road...

The real question is where was Capps heater? By my count he didn't through a since FB, all slurves and sliders. The announcers thought he must have fallen in love with it in the bullpen, but after you load the bases you have to figure it isn't working THAT well, I'm guessing he didn't have anything on his fastball, at which point they should have gone to Clippard instead!

MikeHarris said...

Agree on the heat Eric. I was yelling BRING THE (YOU KNOW) HEAT probably loud enough for Capps to hear.

And you are right on the calls, though I disagree with that whole philosophy. A strike should be a strike, regardless of location of game or situation.

DMan said...

Why do you essentially throw the same pitch 2 times in a row to a good opposite field hitter? Way to not bust him inside Capps.