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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Is It Just Me (and Stammen sent out)

or was there no real reason to take our Tyler Clippard today? He's been throwing awfully well lately. Capps has not.

In his defense, he was let down by a defensive play today. In his non-defense, he immediately coughed up big hits. Dude doesn't seem to handle adversity very well.

No excuse for that one getting away.

I still wouldn't change what I said earlier today but I would be remiss if I didn't come on and post some love for Craig Stammen. He's had much worse first innings and he was really good after that. Heck, why take HIM out after just 66 pitches?

Livo-Lannan-Luis would sure seem to be safe. That leaves it down to two and neither has been too terribly bad. I'm now firmly in favor of sending the "loser" to the bullpen and making a change down there.

Speaking of change, Ray Knight mused on the postgame that maybe it is time to look at changing the closer situation. Not sure I agree yet but I'm not going to argue against. He was so very good for so long. You knew that couldn't last. A little better defense and he's sitting there with 21 saves right now.

But some better pitching after some bad breaks would have changed some things, too. So it is certainly a valid point for discussion.



Following today’s game, the Washington Nationals optioned right-handed pitcher Craig Stammen to Syracuse of the Triple-A International League. Nationals Senior Vice President and General Manager Mike Rizzo made the announcement.

Stammen, 26, went 1-2 with a 5.43 ERA in 12 starts with the Nationals. He did not earn a decision in today’s start, but held Cincinnati to one earned run on seven hits with one strikeout in 6.2 innings.


bdrube said...

Re: Capps. I was at the game today (broke my perfect 6-0 record, darn it). The wife asked why Clippard was being taken out. I said it was becuase everyone on the team has a role and Clippard's role there was to get the lefty out before turning the game over to Capps. It was the right decision given that Clippard's arm will fall off if he keeps having two-inning stints. Sadly, three bad defensive plays are what stand between Capps still being near perfect and now finding himself on shaky ground.

Re: Stammen. Pitched well today, but two hits given up to Arroyo shows why he was probably the right choice to go down. Pulling him so early with such a low pitch count was an indication to me that they don't really have much confidence in him.

MikeHarris said...

Yeah, I'm not perfect anymore either.

We'll all start fresh Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

I think it's also important to note that Atilano passed the eye test for me better during his start. Stammen was facing the Reds getaway day lineup where Gomes was being sat for Laynce Nix, Rolen was being sat for Miguel Cairo, and their backup catcher was in. He was probably sent out there with the specific goal of limiting damage in the first inning. He was saved by small ball Dusty, who sacrificed bunted in front of Votto's hit, and a laser in the 2nd landing right in Desmond's glove.

The rest of the game he was his ground ball self. But if he's going to get rocked right off the mound, he's not a reliever. And if he's not pitching better than Atilano, he's got to go.

Atilano pitched longer into the game against the Reds stronger lineup.

What suprised me was that Martin made the cut. Of course, this could just mean that Olsen is due back really soon and they want to get Stammen started on his AAA issues sooner rather than later while being willing to keep Martin up for another spot start.

Hard to see how Martin survives but so much longer. Detwiler's already making a rehab start in Potomac. Marquis' won't be down forever, either. And Olsen's going to come off the DL eventually.

MikeHarris said...

Plus Wang. Maybe. Hopefully. I'm very curious to see if he can recapture his form.