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Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Weekend at the Yard

Sunscreen? Check. More sunscreen? Check. My new ugly hat for further protection? Check. Tickets I printed at home (first time)? Check.

OK, I'm ready for a weekend at the ol' ballpark. Meeting some friends today, one of them a should-be-happy White Sox fan (yes, they do exist - not all of Chicago is Cubs crazy). Tomorrow, my brilliant and lovely children are treating me to a game and dinner afterward for Father's Day.

I'm hoping but not very optimistic that my season record isn't 6-3 after the weekend. It's 6-1 now.

Watching Jee-SUS be brilliant again last night was fun and aggravating. This is a loss they darn sure can't blame on starting pitching. They won't throw up four head shots and graphics showing how ugly it has been. They may on Monday after Martin and Lannan go this weekend.

Not sure I have the answer so I hesitate to say anything, but how about some different top-of-the-lineup options since Guzman and Morgan last got on base in April? OK, Morgan did have that ninth-inning hit last night and got in scoring position. But, in general, there's been no "table setting."

Bernadina-Desmond? Bernadina-Rodriguez? Do you maybe try Desmond up top?

I'm at a loss, no pun intended. I do know the AL Central isn't baseball's toughest division and the Nats don't even play the best team (the Twins). And yet the Nats are now 1-6 against that lineup of giant killers. The Royals must be drooling about coming in next week.

I expect a fun weekend no matter what, for the company (but not for the heat). It will be a lot more fun if it isn't an 0-2 weekend.


Anonymous said...

I'm guaranteeing a win tomorrow for you; if they don't win, I have a ticket for you in FedEx on 9/6 (heck, if they do win, I have a ticket for you in FedEx on 9/6)

MikeHarris said...

I'm in.

What do I get for a Saturday-Sunday sweep?

bdrube said...

Bernadina and Desmond should definately be at the top of the order. These are two young guys still trying to prove they belong in the majors and can use as many ABs as possible. And after this week I think we can dispense with the notion that the Nats have any shot of contending this year.

Also, they need to put Willie Harris out of his misery already. He was a favorite of mine the last two years, but now he is a giant anchor dragging down the bench. After Morse bats each game we have effectively used up our pinch hitters who have a chance to be successful.

Anonymous said...

no sweep for you, unless it's the wrong way