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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A glimpse of the future

That's the headline on this story in my former paper today. Columbus is in town and I'm going out to check out the Clippers tonight. Anyone in this area want to join me?
Didn't realize until last night that Dukes would be here.
I won't get terribly excited no matter what I see. The local Braves are really bad this season. But I do want to get a look at Bonifacio and some others. The speed of Dukes' recovery amazes me, particularly if he really had damage to the patella tendon.
I saw the name Estrada in the article and about ralphed - my gag reflex works faster than my brain. Different guy! Is THIS Estrada the real deal?


Brian said...

Marco Estrada looks like a back of the rotation starter/long reliever if he sticks in the majors

Chris Needham said...

He's no Baby Ruckles.*

*verrrrrrrrrrry obscure joke that almost nobody will get.

George Templeton said...

Keep an eye on Leonard Davis. He's only hitting .209 in AAA, but he began the season in Hagerstown.

Mama B said...

...but what about Davis' fielding? The Nats need bats, but also need players who field well.

Hendo said...

I like Estrada's K:BB ratio. He's not missing as many bats as we might like, but with a good defense behind him he could do OK -- at least he's not coughing up a bunch of homers. (What's his out pitch?)

Speaking of defense, Davis is intriguing at AAA. He's not hitting that well and it's a little hard to gauge his infield range since he's been playing mostly in the outfield.

I'll be interested to hear Mike's viewpoint from The Diamond.

MikeHarris said...

Interesting game. Will offer up a full post later this a.m.