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Monday, July 21, 2008

Paging Chris *** Paging Chris

Dear Chris Needham,
You remain my blogging mentor and I am way too new at this stuff to figure out a complicated and delicate piece of machinery like the StanSpeak translator which is needed after this humme *** uh, puff piec *** uh, interview on

If you have time and are so inclined and the machine is properly calibrated, feel free to run this through and forward to me and I will post in this space.

If not, I certainly understand. I went to one of those Web-based translators and all it gave back was "LEAVE ME ALONE WITH YOUR STUPID QUESTIONS. I AM THE GREATEST AND WE WILL BE GOOD AND QUIT ASKING WHEN AND JUST GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY."


WebberDC said...

Mike you are all over this. I just posted on BPG to try and draw Chris out of the cave. If there was ever fertile ground to "interpret" Stan's words this was it. I'm especially looking forward to the section where Stan sez: "Thank you for not asking about the Bowden rumors. I'd hate to have to lie to you, my trusted literary henchman. Let's just say I hope Jim's renting his place, the real estate market is tough right now."

MikeHarris said...

Chris is the only one who can handle that delicate and important machine. He'll get it done.

One question I would have asked: How you like stroking those checks to Dmitri now?

Or: Where did Johnny Waddles do his rehab, Dunkin' Donuts? How did his ass get so big?

Chris Needham said...

Don't think that my leg wasn't bouncing up and down like a little puppy's when I saw the article on

Gus said...

Do it Chris, use the force.