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Monday, July 28, 2008

JimBow's replacement - YOU

I knew this trip couldn't be perfect from start to finish. Stuck in LaGuardia an extra two hours, which leaves me a little time to scour the Web.

Today's award for the best "no shit" line on the 'Net goes to the last part of the mailbag on

"However, I believe they need to overhaul the roster. The record doesn't lie. Changes need to be made."

You think? Let's start with the obvious and change the guy who assembled the roster. Let's say it happens now (we can dream, can't we?). Your phone rings. It's Uncle Stan, who can't weasel the money for Schuerholz out of El Jefe. So he's giving you a chance to make three moves.

What would they be? Let's be reasonable. The Red Sox aren't going to give the Nats Lester for rag arms like Colome and Ayala. We won't get Hamels from the Phils for Pete Orr, even if we throw in JohnnyWaddles. Ryan Braun isn't coming to Washington for Ronnie Belliard.

I'm not playing because I don't know enough - hell, I don't know anything - about farm systems of other teams. I'd never heard of Bonafacio until the D-backs foisted him off on JimBow. I do know I'd keep Zimmerman, Milledge, Flores and Dukes and maybe Lannan. Everyone else would be fair game. Any of the Big Four would be fair game, I guess, if the price is right.

I fear the best real chance to make a good deal has passed, now that Rauch is a snake. I'm going to see Bonafacio this week when he comes through Richmond.

Now get on the horn and make some deals. Deadline is Thursday you know?


Steven said...

Come on now Mike, how is it possible that YOU haven't signed the petition?

JayB said...

Move #1

Cut the lead weights - Lopez, Lo Duca, Young, Boone, Belliard, Ayala, Colome, Perez....nobody wants them now or when we got them....face the facts and cut your loses.

Move #2

Fire Lenny Harris and Tim Tolman. Tell Acta he was hired to put a fundamentally sound team that hustles on the field. That is what I expect. Lenny Harris has failed to produce hitters with a plan and Tim Tolman runs Spring Training and he has failed to produce a team that can bunt, run the bases and call fly balls.

Move #3

Bring up the youth now and Trade and sign players who are over achievers. They play hard and succeed regardless of their tools. Pete Rose types who produce numbers......Boston has a tone of them....Kevin Y, Dustin P....this is the type of players we need....not Pena, Not Milledge, Not Adam Dunn....please.

MikeHarris said...

I like your list Jay, though I think Belliard has some value somewhere.

sec314 said...

I agree that Belliard is worth hanging onto for his willingness to play any position and his willingness to come off the bench. He seems to be a stable, hard working, non-whiner.

-Move #1: Cut Lopez now, Give LoDuca till the deadline -- someone might still want him. He may be a jerk, but he hustles. (Keep Boone and Young, but don't bring them back till rosters expand on Sept. 1)

-Move #2: Bring up Bonafacio or DeCaster and either Rhinehart or Broadway now.

-Move #3: Sit or DL or somehow deactivate Ayala and Colome and bring up the best two relief pitcher prospects.

-I'd like to see more minor leaguers come up, but I understand the problem of giving them active service credit and reducing the ability to use options later.

Hendo said...

@sec314: The option thing is why you bring up guys like de Caster and Broadway, who are relatively less likely to make it out to their arb or free agent years.

Relatively more valuable players like Montz and Jimenez should be carefully preserved until 2009.

Also, if the restocking continues successfully, some of these guys will be traded anyway, so their MLB service time and options will be some other team's problem.

Anonymous said...

I agree in moving the top two relief pitchers - Carr and Zinicola - up ASAP. They could only improve the relief pitching crew. Under Frank R., our fielding and other fundamentals were above average. There has to be someone out there that can emphasize these skills to our team. Finally, I vote for Mama B. to be the general manager (I had to say that or else...)

Dave Nichols said...

1) DFA Lopez and LoDuca Friday morning first thing after the trade deadline after no one bits on trading for them. send a message. call up Bonifacio and Broadway.

2) send Lenny Harris with them. he may be the least well-suited hitting coach in the history of hitting coaches. a career pinch-hitter who's mantra is "hit the first good ball you see"? terrible for a veteran team, let alone a team full of 23 year olds (at one point this season anyway).


JayB said...

Ops can I get a 3a?

SIGN Crow and all other draft picks today! (thanks Dave)

gus said...

I feel as if my month long campaign to fire Lenny may have paid off...if only I could work those online petitions and start a website called

gus said...

and is it sad that the best batting average in todays lineup is the pitcher!

JayB said...

Lenny Harris is not even getting up off the bench to watch his about phoning it in......What is Acta and Bowden thinking here? Harris has done NOTHING to help these guys. If he is not fired he must have some dirt on Jimbo....and we all know that is very possible.

Gus said...

and I love the headline "Lo Duca thinks lack of starts hurting value" could also read "Drug pusher struggles to find employment, SURPRISE!"

Sean Hogan said...

Excited that you get to see Dukes now too in Richmond?

MikeHarris said...

Yeah, I'm going out tonight. Should have gone last night.