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Monday, July 28, 2008

Heading home

The Nationals and I have something in common. We're heading home.
We had a much better trip than they did, that's for damn sure.
Tomorrow, it will be back to my regular routine. Slumping into my chair after work and dying with every pitch. That's the opening scene from Damn Yankees, a scene my wife said reminded her so much of our life. "Six months out of every year ***"

I guess we should look forward to what may happen between now and Thursday. Two years ago, our last day in NY was the trading deadline day and I spent most of it texting my son trying to get updates on Soriano.

Did anyone pay attention to the Sox-Yankees on Saturday? I had it on when we were back in the room briefly and didn't hear too clearly. They were talking about the Yankees trade for Marte and Nady and how the Red Sox were looking to do something. They mentioned the Nats and Rauch and I thought I heard someone say the Nats wanted too much. But I could be way out in left field there. I'm still trying to justify how the Nats top draw netted only one prospect and a B level prospect at that (and if that).

OK, off to enjoy a few more hours before flying home. No shutouts for us on this trip.


Sean Hogan said...

Apparently the Nats were asking for Jed Lowrie AND Michael Bowden for Rauch from the Red Sox. I don't know how we go from that to Bonifacio. Whatever. Bowden's fired in October anyways.

MikeHarris said...

Yeah but think of how many deals he can screw up between now and then!

Gus said...

Even our mate Bill in the Nats Mailbag seems to think it's time for Jim to go.....and when Bill starts talking negative, things must be REALLY bad.

MikeHarris said...

Well, yeah, I got that impression, too. He needs to come out and SAY THAT - or question El Jefe and Uncle Stan.
Someone's ass is going to go if the team loses 100 games and I see now way that won't happen.