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Monday, July 7, 2008

Laugh to keep from crying

There's a lot of gallows humor going on in my old profession these days as newspapers everywhere cut the head count and send people out the door. Not laughing isn't going to change anything so laugh and dry the tears is sort of the attitude.
I'm trying to take that approach to the Nationals these days. I woke up today determined to make a list of things that wouldn't make me laugh so much as they would make me at least a little happy. Or not miserable.
Please add your own in the comments.

*The GEICO dancer says Baltimore and not Washington. They can have him. Those commercials are so brutal that I wouldn't use GEICO if they paid ME. I wish he'd travel through Praaaaaque and just stay there. Did they at least cancel that awful TV show.

*The Nationals absolutely cannot lose today. FLop can't jog to first on a grounder, LoDuca can't drop a ball at first, Nieves can't watch a pitch go by for strike three to end the game. They can't win, either, but at this point I'm not going to get picky.

*My back doesn't hurt as badly as it did yesterday.

*I'd say no one can get hurt today but there's no guarantee of that. Instead, I will cross my fingers (which makes it very hard to type).

*My kids made it safely through the Fourth (and I hope yours did, too).

*UPDATE - no one is watching. See Dan Steinberg's bog, linked off to the right here. This kind of play is the type of thing you want to keep secret.

Beyond that, I ain't got much. Little help, please.


Chris Needham said...

* Their plane doesn't appear to have crashed.

* Bob Carpenter's contract lasts for only about 75 more games.

* Every loss brings us closer to This Guy

* We don't have to watch Tony Armas pitch for us anymore

WFY said...

The GEICO dancer is awful and yes Baltimore can have him. The rest of the GEICO ads are pretty good though. Damn MASN. Evil Angelo$.

Every loss increases the possibility of Jim Bowden (I hope) being fired.

Don Sutton succeeding despite Bob Carpenter.

MikeHarris said...

Carpenter with the Nats down four and two on: The Nats are one big swing away from being back in this game.

(double play)

Wife: I don't think that's the swing he had in mind.

Good call on Armas. Ryan Drese, too, for that matter.

Hendo said...

* Most balls put in play by the opponents are not hit to Paul Lo Duca or Wily Mo Pena.

* We haven't had to ship Mike Bacsik back from Columbus yet (that one's for you, Chris).

* It's supposed to rain a lot this week.

George Templeton said...

* Jeff Francoeur getting sent down

* Charlie and Dave on the radio

* If the Rays, Marlins and Brewers can do it, we can too

* The Mets really stink

MikeHarris said...

Francouer is back up, as of today. What you call your quick fix there.

WFY said...

Another bright side -- Angelo$ may be losing a lot of money on Nats broadcasts.

Nationals Fan said...

Chris I thought high draft picks weren't worth having?

An Briosca Mor said...

We don't have to watch Tony Armas pitch for us anymore

Unfortunately, though, the Sacred Buttocks of Jesus Colome are still here.

MikeHarris said...

Dude was actually good until he got that little buttocks problem fixed.

I laugh at the Mets fans about Armas now. Says plenty about the state of pitching that he still has a job.