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Friday, July 4, 2008

A thought or two

while sipping coffee on a fine Fourth of July morning and trying to get over the nightmares induced by another "should have won" game.

*Nationals Enquirer pointed me in the direction of the Baltimore Sun story that says the Orioles' interest in FLop has "waned." I guess that's what watching him play will do. If the interest hadn't waned before last night, that game would have done it. I'd love to know his thinking behind swinging at that pitch. It's up to JimBow now to find another sucker.

*Chico the Writer's story in the Post takes a couple of good shots at Colome, including a big one right in the lead. Good for him. Two Jesus' are one too many (and I wish the other would start hitting again). But my question is this - who should get the error and should the ball have been caught, as Colome claims? I know I love to get on Dmitri for things other than his hitting. I don't think I can do that here. I can get on him for getting doubled up on a grounder that anyone else in the world would have beaten out but I will lay off him on that throw.

*Is Flores slumping or wearing down?

*When does Milledge get back?


Nationals Fan said...

I say we should go back to the O's and offer Guzzy. He's got the higher trade value, and there's no chance he's going to be part of The First Great Nationals team.

Sec314 said...

Flores is evening out to his expected mean. His plate discipline is a step above FLop's, but not even close to Dimitri's. He can only dream of pitch selection like NJ or Dukes.