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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Worth noting

With that three-run pinch home run, Jesus Flores is currently leading the Washington Nationals in RBI with 33.
Even though he has at least 100 fewer at-bats than many of the other likely candidates, even though he's had about six hits in a month or so *** Flores is No. 1 in RBI.
Everyone knows how much I love Flores. I'd love to be able to declare this as primarily an impressive accomplishment by the budding star, and it is to some degree. But it is much more the result of the ineptitude of some and injuries to others. Milledge hasn't played in 10 days and he's only one behind. Zimmerman hasn't played in, like, years and he's still in striking range.

Seriously, if I came to you in spring training and said - Wily Mo or Flores, who will have more home runs and more RBI on July 8, would anyone have taken Flores on either count? He has three more home runs and 23 more RBI than WMP in 20 fewer at-bats.

The year is coming when he will be the legit RBI leader. Slump and all, I still love everything about the kid.


Gus said...

Couldn't agree more.

PS - Trade Young now! He is hitting .429 for July, surely that counts for something.

Chris Needham said...

I was standing at the railing on the 200 level (near the entrance to the Harris Club Level) munching on some gellato -- stracciatella!!! -- when Flores came up to pinch hit.

I was fuming, yelling at my friend about Acta's stupidity in taking a guy who was throwing a 2-hitter and who was only in the 80s in pitches out of the game.

Shows what I know.

That was a rocket. Absolute no doubter.

George Templeton said...

John Lannan continues to pitch effectively and prove himself a key piece of the puzzle for the future. Hard to believe he started last year in Potomac.

MikeHarris said...

Chris, I trust you chased any riffraff out of MY club seats. I don't need any strange grooves on my personal chair.
I was ticked, too, about the Lannan removal but his balls and strikes were just about even and he may have been close to a disaster. Whatever - it worked!

e said...

If I were to come up to you in ST and say that by 7/10/08, Willie Harris would have more HR and RBI than WMP, would you have believed it?

MikeHarris said...

Or Belliard.
I didn't think WMP would lead the Nats in either category but I think expecting more than 2 and 10 at this point is reasonable.

Anonymous said...

It's time to let him go. Plain and simple.