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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rambling on my mind

Thinking out loud again:

*Ronnie Belliard and Jesus Flores have each played in 54 of 94 games. Belliard is your HR leader with 9, Flores your RBI leader with 35. Interesting. But the question - how long can you hold on to Belliard? Who makes the best offer for him? I like the guy. He has to be moved. I can't see his value getting any higher.

*Rauch, too. I'd hate to see him go but his value is high and another closer will come along by the time the team gets good. Someone now in the first grade surely has a wicked fastball.

*Does Dmitri's back open the door to take a two-week look at Sexson? Yeah, I know but what can it hurt? I went to the doctor with a back problem and he told me the answer was simple. Too much front. Get rid of some of that and my back would be fine. He was right.

*Looks like the WMP thing may work itself out with the shoulder pain that's cropped up. Nice timing. Quick examination over the all-star break, time on the DL, another exam reveals the need for a scope, he's done for the year and then has all offseason and spring to work and see if he can actually become a productive player. I doubt that he can at this point but have no objections to keeping him around a while off the active roster.


George Templeton said...

Doesn't Belliard have a 2-year deal? I think hanging on to him next year would be an impediment to dealing him.

Dealing Rauch is tough, if as some believe that Chad Cordero will never be the same. Who the heck occupies the closer role next season if that happens?

Richie Sexson? I know we are desperate, but damn are we that desperate?

It was nice to flip away from Nats radio last night because they were crushing someone instead of getting crushed.

Hendo said...

Sad to say, if someone comes a-calling for Bells, now's the time to make a reasonable deal.

Rauch I'd prefer to hang on to. Steven Shell impresses me as a bullpen ace, but unless the Nats are willing to revert to the Giusti / Tekulve closer model, you do have a gap there.

Sexson: Move on, folks. Nothing to see here.

MikeHarris said...

Sexson came up in Seattle for that at-bat against Clippard. Bases loaded. Two outs. Game in balance. I said to the Seattle fans next to me, "I know this guy is having a crap year but this is where he hits one out." They said, "No way. We've seen this act." Sure enough he struck out.
Still *** for two weeks?

I hear you on Rauch. I hate the idea of losing him but the Nats may be able to get a bundle for him. The Moneyball theory says closers are easier to replace than many think. Let Hanrahan try it. Rivera? Someone can do it until Zinicola is ready. IF the price for Rauch is right.

Sec314 said...

Sexson? How about a two week look at Broadway or Rhinehart?

Sexson isn't part of anyone's future.

MikeHarris said...

Well, LoDuca is there tonight.
AND batting second.
I'd take Sexson, Broadway, Rhinehart, George, Hendo, me, just about anyone at this point!

bdrube said...

I disagree on Rauch mainly because he is one of the few recognizable players we've got and he's under our control for another year. The casual fans have to have SOMEBODY they recognize to root for. Same argument goes for Belliard, who is a steal at the money he's getting. Otherwise, that will be one empty new stadium come September.

Of course, it might be anyway.