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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Who would be next?

Nationals Enquirer posts a snippet from today that indicates possible trouble ahead for JimBow. As I commented there, I now have a reason to live.
And, as I asked there: Who is next? Is there a clear choice to be the next GM of the Washington Nationals?

I've often wondered what John Schuerholz would say if El Jefe and Uncle Stan threw a boatload of money at him and said, "C'mon, you have one more challenge left in you. Give us five years and get us set up for greatness."

Oh, the cartwheels I would turn if they pulled that off.

I don't see it happening. So who would get the call?

UPDATE: FireJimBowden had the same question this a.m. and actually posted some answers. Worthwhile reading.


Hendo said...

If promoting Mike Rizzo isn't good enough, then cough up the bucks to pry Paul DePodesta away from Kevin Towers.

At least we know Towers will talk to DePodesta, which is more than he'll do for Bowden.

MikeHarris said...

What happened to DePodesta in LA? He's one of the Billy Beane-o-philes isn't he?

Hendo said...

DePodesta had a habit of dealing surplus talent before its value ran out, such as flipping Lo Duca for Penny.

As a reward for looking to the franchise's future, he got crucified by Bill Plaschke in the L.A. Times. This in turn caused Frank McCourt to fear that he wouldn't get to sit with the cool kids any more, so he cut DePo dead and hired the matchless Ned Colletti.

That's my take, anyhow. Here's a somewhat more nuanced and analytical view.

Nationals Fan said...

That's so weird. I just posted on the exact same topic.

MikeHarris said...

As did Nats Enquirer. Great minds think alike.
Wonder if the Dodgers would take LoDuca back for Penny. We could even throw in Johnny Waddles.

MikeHarris said...

And you did a better job of it, I'm going to go in and link to you in my post. Good work.

George Templeton said...

I will happily drive Jim Bowden to Dulles Airport or National to get Paul DePodesta here. The Dodgers are idiots for firing him and they will find that out soon enough.

Nationals Fan said...

Thanks! I returned the favor. Something tells me you'll be sending more traffic my way than vice-versa though, so again thanks.

MikeHarris said...

Unrelated, I'm now convinced Cox got tossed on purpose. He'd rather go have a couple of beers than watch this.
My son the Braves fan just called. He is predicting that Teixiera is moved by Wednesday.

Mike said...

I think Depo also had little bit of trouble in dealing with people within the organization. I think that's the kind of thing you can learn from your mistakes though. He also took a lot of unfair heat within the media. As an aside, and I wonder if this would help any in prying him away from the Padres, he's from Alexandria(as is Thad Levine).

I'd still be really surprised if Kasten went with anyone other than Rizzo.

Hendo said...

I agree that Rizzo is the front-runner. Assuming he gets the nod, let's hope the Nats promote or hire wisely into the position he vacates.

(How deep is their FO? It's hard to tell about these things.)

Gus said...

Fire Jim, and someone buy Lenny a beer!

Am I too fickle? My 9th wife says I am, but I can't see it.

George Templeton said...

Two in a row, 29 runs in three games and Zimmerman's coming back Tuesday. Maybe this is the start of another good second half that shows that things aren't as bad as they looked.

VP81955 said...

I want Bowden gone, but forget DePodesta -- no Ivy Leaguers, please; we already have too many running things in this town. I have faith Rizzo can do the job.