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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Future vs. The Future

A night with no baseball! What to do - the possibilities are endless. Go out to a movie? Naw, that's why they invented Netflix. Finish a book? Always a good option, one I tend to take while winding down from the latest loss. Organize the home office? No way, too much like work.

Tonight's choice is actually rather simple. I have to pick my son's brain and figure out an electronics set-up for tomorrow night. Or at least figure out if my cool Hi Def TV has a split screen function. Don't laugh. The previous TV was in place for nine years. Had one and I never knew it. I'm a little clueless about such things.

Tomorrow night at 7, Nats at Phils. Ross Detwiler pitching for Washington. Let's see how he does in Citizen's Bank Park against a team hitting 1.738 against D.C. this season. Let's see if he can hold Raul Ibanez to only one home run.

Tomorrow night at 7, University of Virginia vs. San Diego State. Thanks to DirecTV, ESPNU is available. Stephen Strasburg against the Cavs.

I may have to move another TV into the room. My son had three set up next to each other at his old pad and was a little miffed when he returned home to find we didn't have the same arrangement. I could always resort to going back and forth with the clicker.

One way or another, I'm watching both games.


Ryan said...

Thanks for the SDSU-UVA reminder. Forgot all about that.

Try the two-TV setup. That just sounds all kinds of awesome. Plus, you can always mute one TV during commercials. Then again, maybe you can do that with the split screen, too, I have no idea.

Deacon Drake said...

Yeah... what am I supposed to cringe at tonight? I was wondering if they were going try and umpire blindfolded next.

Section 138 said...

Dude, Split screen and picture in picture went the way of the Nats bullpen. Dead and gone.

Gus said...

Try the 2 TV's, but put a piece of paper between your eyes. You'll be amazed that your brain can process the 2 images at the same time.

WARNING: Don't try this with anyone else in the room.

WARNING: Don't serously expect this to work.

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