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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh I just feel so much better now

Ron Villone? That's what it comes down to now? Ron Villone?

Our friends at We've Got Heart got up the report that Mike Hinckley has been DFA and Villone recalled. Rejoice, rejoice, the problems are solved.

Maybe the Nats can snooker someone into trading a prospect, an actual live body, for Hinckley while he is in his DFA waiting period. Surely there's a team out there stupid enough to do something like that.

Ron Villone? There simply has to be a better option out there somewhere.

This is Villone's 12th team. I just posted the question on Nats Farm Authority - is that the record among current major leaguers? Does he wallpaper a room with all his old jersies?

Well, at least the team saves money. Villone, Wells, Tavarez - they probably qualify for senior citizen discounts on the road.


bdrube said...

If this season is all about developing youth, where the heck is Tyler Clippard? He is showing real promise as a reliever--and one who if he pans out in that role might be a mainstay of the bullpen for years.

Just baffling.

MikeHarris said...

He's got that whole right-handed thing going on and the "braintrust" apparently thinks a lefty must be replaced with a lefty. Interesting they were willing to let Hinckley be the only lefty while Beimel was out but Beimel can't be the only lefty now that he's back. I guess that has something to do with the closer thing but still. They asked Clippard to make this change, he made it and is doing very well. Give him a shot, huh?
I suspect, though, that will come soon enough. Eventually, Julian Tavarez is going to realize he's Julian Tavarez (we've seen signs of that already) and he will have to be replaced.

Mr. Sniffles said...

Make sure to get a write-up on Milledge's All-Star campaign before it goes totally viral.