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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Today's riddle

How do you keep your bullpen from screwing up a game?

Don't use it!!

Applause to Manny Acta for having the rocks (and sense) to let Martis go. Applause to Martis for throwing as good a game as I've seen pitched in a while. As my brother just said, let's not call him Cy Young quite yet. OK, we won't. Still an impressive outing.

Isn't it fun to go watch a major-league team and actually see it play like a major-league team? Isn't it amazing how one good game in a season that isn't very good (yet) can elevate a mood.

I thought for sure Martis was done after seven and was surprised to see him come up to bat in the bottom. But his pitch count was low, he still seemed to have some good stuff. I didn't think there was any way he'd throw the ninth but, as Manny said on the postgame radio, "He had as good a stuff then as anybody we could have brought in from the bullpen." Quite true.

Other than the stadium opener, today was as much fun as we've had at a ballpark. The other team makes a mistake and the Nats take advantage. How many times have we seen it happen the other way? Dunn's homer sent a spark through the stadium that my wife agreed you could actually feel. The man is earning his fat check.

Plus, I got a Los Nacionales t-shirt out of the deal. AND the Caps won. I headed to the bathroom at just the right time to see Varlamov's amazing save late in the second period.

Today's postgame shake-your-head radio call: Someone floated the idea of turning Strasburg into a closer. Charlie Slowes handled it well. Uh, no.

It's been a fine day thus far. Now I have to see if I can go sniff out a Derby winner.

ps - my brother just told me I was born on the day Carl Erskine threw a no-hitter and our Dad wanted to name me Erskine. Our Mom said no. I never knew that. Too bad, I think Erskine would have been a cool name.


Ryan said...

What a great freaking day. I wouldn't allow my wife and I to switch seats until Martis gave up a hit, but I couldn't tell her why so I wouldn't jinx it. I had to hint around it, but she eventually got it.

Martis. Marvelous.

And I think I've seen each of his three wins this year. Seems like he's pitching every time I'm at the park.

Damn good day. Damn good.

Sam said...

Too bad, I think Erskine would have been a cool name.I'll take "things you can say when you've made it out of high school in one piece" for $500 Alex.

Sam said...

sigh. I don't know why it keeps swallowing the carriage return that makes that last crack readable.

An Briosca Mor said...

Actually, once he's signed and brought onto the big league roster later this season, it might make sense to let Strasburg close games. But only for this season. Presumably they won't want him to take on a full starter's workload right away after having pitched a full college season. If he's only going to be available for short bursts at a time, why not have him close full time rather than start once or twice in September? Look at what the Rays did with David Price last year - he was pitching as a reliever, at least in the postseason. Although maybe he did have a start or two earlier on, I don't know.

MikeHarris said...

I have no issue with using him in the way you suggest. This season. The caller meant long term and I can't imagine anyone thinks that is a good idea.

Schruender said...

So I went to this game. Booked my ticket 3 months to go to fly from Boston with the hopes of seeing Pujols. That didn't work out, but...

It was cool to see a really well-pitched game and I'm thinking the Nats are liking their winning percentage with me at the game. I went last year to a Rockies game and they won that too.

I really enjoyed the Caps being on at the same time too. It was funny going by the bar in center field and seeing some people just watching tv rather than the baseball game. Good day for Washington sports.