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Friday, May 29, 2009

Music and Ladies Night

If Strasburg does not pitch against Virginia tonight (and I'd be shocked if he didn't), my problem is solved. If not, I'll figure something out to be able to watch both games.

In the meantime:

*Does anyone know how to beat the service fees on the Elton John-Billy Joel concert? I asked my wife at our last game if she'd like to go. Sure. So I went to yesterday and found two pretty good seats. They were 102 each, which is high but what the heck? Went to check out. Total: $255. Hmmmm. I was always bad at math but two times 102 is 204. That leaves FIFTY ONE bucks in various fees. No way. Not doing that.

The funny thing is, if they'd made the tickets 125, I would have done that without hesitation. Just bury the fees into the costs of the tickets. It ain't that hard.

So, a little help please?

*Got a return call from Bree Parker about this Ladies' Day thing on Thursday. She could not have been more pleasant and helpful. Turns out I can pay the upgrade fee and turn in my current tickets. My wife is taking a half day off work so she can do the Ladies Day thing. Ms. Parker also said I was welcome to come. I'll pass, thanks, but my wife will party on.

*I may head up Wednesday, too. A bunch of friends are coming in from all over the east to see Randy Johnson go for No. 300. One of them told me yesterday he couldn't believe how many great seats were still available. You haven't been paying attention, have you? I told him if Randy Johnson played for the Phillies, Uncle Stan would be sending limos.

1 comment:

dcbatgirl said...

I have a couple of extra tickets to the concert and am willing to split the difference with you on the fees.

222L, Row G
$102 face/ticket
+ a fair token on the fees (or you could buy me a beer, I have 4 tickets and plan to use 2)

To discuss further