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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Odds and ends time

A few things on my mind this chilly morning:

*We don't have Alex Cintron to kick around anymore. DFA. Good. The Nats will be short a bench player, but you can make the case they were short a bench player with him on the roster. Bergmann back in what is now an eight-man bullpen. Those gas cans get heavy so they need more people to carry them around.

*The TV crew talked a lot about how Joe Beimel is being used in a different role here than he was in LA and that may have something to do with his struggles. If I get time later, I may research that. The biggest question: Is he really OK? His numbers pre- and post-injury lead me to believe that is a bigger factor than his role.

*Dukes to the DL. Only five days after he was hurt. I'm not doctor, though I am the son of one. But it strikes me as odd that the Nats repeatedly wait before putting someone on the DL. Is there no way to tell just a little quicker? Maybe not. Just seems strange. He pinch hit Saturday, a day after he was hurt. Dukes is obviously very athletic but he also seems a bit fragile - I'm curious if he'll ever be able to play a 162-game season.

*Condolences to Dmitri Young and his family. His mother died.

*Ladies Day is coming up, two weeks from tomorrow. Sounds like fun and my wife would like to attend. The game is part of our season-ticket package, so I already have four tickets. She was planning on taking a half-day off from work (she usually doesn't go to mid-week games during the school year). So I have to buy another ticket to get her into the Ladies Day function? That doesn't seem right when I bought a ticket for the game well in advance. Anyone know how this might work?


Anonymous said...

Call Bree Parker 202-640-7646. That was the advice from my season ticket rep. He says "She set it up, she can help you."

MikeHarris said...

Thanks much. I will give her a call.

Dave Nichols said...

if Bree tells you something different than "you have to buy anotehr ticket", please let one of us know, Mike.

this has been an issue every time they've done this.

An Briosca Mor said...

Re the Dukes DL thing, it's hard to evaluate the full extent of many injuries until a couple of days have passed, and the shortest DL period you have available is 15 days. Which is worse, put him on the 15 day DL right away only to see him get healthy again after three days, or play short for a couple of days and then retroactively DL him if it turns out he's hurt worse than you originally thought? People keep ragging on the Nats medical staff when stuff like this happens, but the reality is that all teams deal with it. The Red Sox recently put Youkilis on the DL after he'd been "day to day" for an entire week.

Re Dmitri's mom, if you saw that recent documentary about the Young family, it was very clear that Dmitri took after his mother in pretty much every way - looks, personality, etc - while his kid brother Delmon takes after his father, the lean, stern, driven taskmaster. Their father was not a baseball player himself, but he recognized that Dmitri and Delmon had talent and basically turned them both into ballplayers. You learn a lot about why Dmitri is the way he is when you see the juxtaposition of his mother's more laid-back demeanor and his father's Type A overdrive.

Dave Nichols said...

oh, and Beimel is a lefty specialist. his overall career numbers suggests he can get righties out, but the last two years the splits have gotten worse.

Lifetime, Beimel holds lefties to a .265/.329/.390 line and righties to .287/.368/.431. This season, the splits are much more significant.

Lefties: .214/.267/.286
Righties: .333/.389/.545

of course, last night he gave up hits to three lefties in the 10th.

last season, in 71 appearances, he had a total of four multi-inning stints. this season he's had three already including last's night's loss.

i plan on running some more numbers on Mr. Beimel for a post soon. i think he's a) still hurt and b) being misused.

MikeHarris said...

Left her a message, I'll report what I hear.