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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Pretty much the second that shot went in last night, I changed the status on my Facebook page to "I wish LeBron played for the Nats."

I wonder if he can pitch?

With each passing day, I become more convinced that Mr. James is headed toward "greatest ever" status. Of course, we can't judge that until his body of work is complete. I'm willing to bet he makes a run at it.

All the truly great teams, in any sport, have a player like that. Step. Catch. Shoot. BANG. That series has a whole different look.

Do the Nats have their LeBron already? Zimmerman certainly has provided some major moments, like the Father's Day game-winner in 2006 and the Opening Night game winner last year. When he's surrounded by even more talent and a real bullpen, will he be the one to provide them when it truly counts?

Is the LeBron of the Nats a closer of the future, someone we'll all KNOW is going to get the job done every time he steps out there? Is is Stephen Strasburg, the pitcher who won't let a losing streak grow much past four?

I guess it will be fun to watch, to see who becomes that LeBron. I just hope it happens while I'm still here on earth.

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Nate said...

Baseball doesn't have LeBrons. Even Albert Pujols fails to "get it done" more than 60% of the time. A dominant pitcher can take the game into his own hands (once every 5 nights or so) but even he needs help to win it. Basketball games can be taken over by great individual performances, but baseball is the quintessential team sport.