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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh well

It was fun while it lasted.

I don't make the decisions but I darn sure saw enough to give Stammen another start. Just wish he could have held on. I have no faith it will turn around now. I hope I'm wrong.

How long before Anderson Hernandez ends up back on the DL?

UPDATE - 24 hours too late but it was nice to see that upper 90s stuff blow right by those hitters. Amazing what happens when you bring that kind of heat. Really fast, a bit of movement - I suspect that is what the Nats had in mind when they made Hanrahan the closer.


Gus said...

Couldn't agree with you more. I actually got to watch the game on TV, and my wife was very worried as I sat there mutering "fastball, fastball, fastball.." like an idiot, but it worked.

bdrube said...

Do you suppose Manny reads the blogs? Just three nights after pulling Detwiler too soon and being roundly criticized for it he leaves Stammen in the game a little too long, marring what was otherwise a stellar performance and costing him his first major league win. If the offense hadn't bailed Manny out, THAT's what we'd all be focusing on today.

Once again, Grrrr!

But hey, I'll give the kid his props. His low strikeout rate at AAA had me worried, but no problems so far.

MikeHarris said...

I have no problem with Stammen going another inning. His pitch count was real low. If you could count on that kind of bullpen work every night, maybe you don't have to try and milk that extra inning!

DMan said...

Glad to see Stammen in for the extra inning. What separates the good and great pitchers from the average ones is the ability to get batters out the 3rd and 4 time through the lineup. Gotta learn if they can do it some time.

Hanarahan has closer stuff - the key question is does he have closer mentality? Guess we'll have the rest of the season to find out.

The quality of relieving ia way down thoughout MLB this year. My observation last season was that except for Lidge and K-Rod, every other top-flight closr was more vulnerable than in the past. You have to ask if the era of the uber reliever who is very effective 80-90 times a year wasn't a product of the steriod era also. Don't forget the legitimate medicinal uses steriods were acutally developed to treat. They can be uesd to accellerate how quickly an over-used arm recovers or prolong the amount of time before a rest is necessary.