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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just bang the daggone thing already

Thank you Chico (the writer) for providing us with some updates here. We're sitting at my brother's, one attempt to head to the stadium already aborted. I see no way this game can be played. I also don't like being wet and chilled while I watch.
But I'm also cheap and don't want to head south and eat the cost of four tickets.
So we wait. For a little while longer anyway.
Here's the latest update from Chico

Stan, my man. Love you brother. I really do. But get serious. Bang it and let everyone go home. I'll buy extra food on my next two visits. I promise.

UPDATE - just heard the coolest rumor from someone at the stadium. IF true, I will give that person full credit right here. If not, I'll look foolish all on my own.
Anyway, if today is ppd as looks likely: July 16 makeup. Day-night doubleheader: Cards in one game, Cubs in the next.
How cool would that be?
Cards are now off that day, one of the teams that has an extended all-star break. They play at home on Friday the 17th against Arizona. Nats-Cubs four gamer starts on July 16.
That would be incredible.
Again, I will award the proper credit once this is finalized. This person deserves a bow.
Now I really, really want a rainout.

UPDATE 2 - Now it is officially a rainout! Eager to see what they do. Heading south, I'll check in when we get home. I want this Cards-Cubs DH to happen.


Victor said...

According to Dave and Charlie, MLB was the body in charge of calling/not calling today's game, due to the fact this was the last meeting between these two teams in Washington and they'd rather not have to try to re-schedule this game. Obviously, that decision has been made, and you're right: A Cubs and Cards double-header would be cool.

An Briosca Mor said...

I think it would be quite difficult to do a day-night doubleheader against two different teams on the same day - if for no other reason than the logistics of having two different teams sharing one visiting clubhouse would be a nightmare. And what if the first game ended up going extras? Or being rain-delayed? Then you'd really be screwed.

I think it's far more likely that this will be one of those games that they wait til the end of the season to play, and then only if it has a bearing on the pennant/wild card races. We already know that one of the two teams won't be involved in any of that, don't we?

And BTW, hanging out at the park waiting for the decision to be made wasn't all that unpleasant an experience. Kinda fun, actually. And I wasn't even in one of the clubs, just leaning on a rail on the concourse.

MikeHarris said...

I should have come by and leaned with you - and you are probably right, though the logistics might be very difficult later if they find they have to make it up later. The timing for that two-team DH is about perfect, though there may also be some players association hoops to jump through to get the Cardinals to give up a day off.

The changeover could be done easily enough but, yeah, extras could be a real issue. Hey Cubs, cool your jets, we're playing, huh?

I'd still love to see it.