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Monday, May 11, 2009

Dear Mom, send ducks - lots of ducks

to Syracuse, please.

Logan Kensing is in serious need of a duck fix. He's gone from bad in Florida to worse in Washington. My question: Is anybody really surprised? What made this guy worth a low-level prospect? There was nothing in this guy's history to make anyone think the "change of scenery" theory would work. Can you imagine how ugly the numbers would have been if Manny had actually let him go two innings yesterday?

As FJB asked yesterday, is it time for another purge (he used different words but the message is the same)?

Yes. And, as he noted, it goes beyond the pitching staff.

Kensing has to go, plain and simple. Colome can be recalled on Thursday. Let's give Clippard a look, too. Barring a superb performance tonight, I'm ready to end the Cabrera experiment, too. Can Bergmann be any worse in that slot? Isn't it time to at least try Stammen there?

While we're filling up the bus, save a seat for Cintron please. Someone remind me why he's here in the first place? He's an upgrade over Kory Casto or Pete Orr how? I'm not a stat head. There has to be an answer, right?

Like I said yesterday, I think this team is closer to being not terrible than it actually appears by the results. It has filled a lot of holes. The holes it still has, however, are huge. Gaping. Crater like.


Ryan said...

No love for Cintron? The guy's being recognized when he goes out to eat for Christ's sake! Gotta keep him.

Seriously...I'm becoming more and more hopeful of 70-80 wins.

bdrube said...

Can't argue with you "massacre" possibilities, but I have to add another potential: Julian Tavarez. Former top relief prospect Zech Zinicola is tearing it up this season for a truly God-awful Harrisburg squad. If this is the season when youth shall be served, we should be serving up Zinicola and Clippard in the bullpen instead of these crappy veterean retreads.