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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Who beat?

I love West Coast games one for big reason.
I hate West Coast games more for another big reason.

Love 'em because I follow by radio instead of TV. That's old school for me, how I became a follower. I'd fall asleep at night listening to Dan Daniel calling Senators games and then rush out to get the paper so I could read about the game. (It's also how I decided I wanted to be a sports writer, and we see how that worked out).
Now, with TV and the Internet, we can see it all for ourselves and get instant updates. But last night, I watched the frustrating first and then went to bed. Vin Scully is so damn good. What a voice. He must be close to 700 now. He still sounds great and he still works at it. Knew a lot about the Nationals. Charley Steiner pales in comparison.

Hate 'em because I still fall asleep after a couple of innings and I wake up not knowing who won the game. I had a pretty good idea this a.m., because I remember a mention of something like 6-1 or 7-1. I hate waking up not knowing who won, though with the Nats you can always make a pretty educated guess.

Tonight, I'm going to try and stay up and watch as much as I can because I want to see Z-double-n pitch. Though now that I think about it, listening to Scully call his pitches should be an enjoyable alternative.

Of course, I'll be asleep by the fourth inning.

At the newspaper, we could set our Sunday clocks by the guy who called every race day and said, "Who beat?" Who beat what sir? The race, man, who beat the race? It's still going on. Oh. An hour later: "Who beat?"

The Dodgers beat, 10-3 I discovered a couple of hours ago.

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