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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday and a new poll

First, I can't say a thing before I wish a Happy Birthday to the world's best, and my favorite (and only) daughter. Courtney Suzanne Harris 24 today. One of her gifts was four tickets to next Thursday's game and she invited her dear old dad to join her. Love you Honey Bear Bear.

Next, Happy April Fool's Day to everyone. I like a good joke as much as the next person and wanted to think of a great prank. But today is not a day for jokes. Just absorbing the news about the trade of Adam Dunn to Cleveland (and Manny) for Fausto Carmona has drained all the humor out of me.

Maybe it is because we're all fools but a lot of people are optimistic about the Nats' season, if you can consider an under .500 record optimistic. When a team is trying to avoid a third straight 100-loss season, well, small steps I guess.

We had 120 voters stop by last week - yes! I love cracking 100 so thanks to all who participated. Of those, 65 (including me) see the Nats as a 70-79 victory team. Pretty much the same percentage who thought that last year. I'm hoping for 75 but I'm not terribly optimistic.

Forty-four voters say the team will win between 60-69. Must hit 63 to avoid 100. Two pessimists (or realists) say the team will win less than 60. I love the optimism of nine voters who think the Nats will fall in the 80-89 range.

Shockingly, no one voted for 90-plus. Won't we all look like fools when the Nats win 97 games and the division! OK, I'll put the bottle down now.

New favorite poll will be up shortly, please go vote and tell your friends. Wish Dunn well as an Indian, I may try to get to Cleveland and see those games.

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