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Sunday, March 1, 2009


My original thought was to post something a little classy because I truly wish the guy no ill will. I just wanted him out as GM.
But after reading his statement?
AMF, Jim.

Blaming the media? Yeah, I'm not media anymore but I was for a long time and I know horsecrap when I see or hear horsecrap. Jim's statement is horsecrap.

The media did nothing wrong. He IS being investigated. No one has said he's been charged with anything. If he truly did nothing wrong, he'd ride it out. Saying well, I'm innocent but the media has done gone and chased me out of here *** words can't describe the level of horsecrap involved there.

While we're on the subject of horsecrap, who gave him the word he was "resigning?" Uncle Stan or El Jefe? I will never, ever be convinced he made the decision himself. Someone said to him, "JimBow, good news! We are not firing you *** you are resigning. Piss on the media if you want, just GTFO."

Someone check the airlines. Is LaCava on the way in yet?

The real news - The Times wins my pool so I owe Zuckerman a beer. Except my snoops tell me he doesn't drink (guy must be very young and very new to newspapers). So I'm going to buy everyone who entered a beer at my first Nats game this season. Right now, that's scheduled to be the opener. I'll have a Coke Zero with Zuckerman's name on it. I wish I could start celebrating today but, alas, I have to work. I'll work with a smile on my face.


Hendo said...

Same here about work (and about the smile). See you in April.

MikeHarris said...

I will still be smiling!

JayB said...

I'll buy the second round...except for ABM....he did not enter right?!?

MikeHarris said...

He sort of did - he's included. He's a frequent contributor here and that's good enough for me.

JayB said...

If you say so.....I don't think he picked a day but I am so happy I am ready to move into a new age of Nats blogging......He's in too!

WFY said...

Free beer and no Jim Bowden -- best Opening Day ever.

Well, second or third best I guess, last year was sweet and well, 2005...

Wil Nieves said...

On the betting theme - what do you think the odds are now that Nick Johnson is traded and/or Ryan Zimmerman signs a long term deal prior to the season opener? Do you think the lack of JimBo will help these things happen more quickly?

George Templeton said...

I hope to buy you a beer as well to celebrate this day.

I just read the news and I feel like this:

or this:

Gus said...

I'll have a beer as well, even though the games start at 9am my time!
PS: the word verification for this comment is "potty". Even the random letter generator has a sense of humour today!