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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Questions about this Dmitri Young thing

With Wily Mo gone (and I can't imagine anyone is surprised by that), it really isn't an issue since a spot opened up. But I am very curious about this 40-man spot JimBow allegedly promised Dmitri Young.

Isn't a guarantee only as good as its maker? Would the Nats have been wrong in telling Jack Be Nimble to take that up with JimBow, wherever the heck he is now?

Is there really a place, or a need for him on the final roster?

I think he needs to be added to the long list of bad JimBow contracts and sent out the door with Wily Mo.

I'm starting to think he'll get the two-week tryout until JZim makes his first start. I hate wasting even that spot on him.

What other roster decisions are left? Nieves or Bard? Is Julian Tavarez really going to be on the 25-man? That makes a Top 10 list for how you know your organization is weak as hell. You can do no better than Julian Tavarez.

I love Wily Mo and wish he was good. Oh well. My wife LOVED, absolutely LOVED, the way the P.A. guy said his name. One more of her favorites down the tubes. If Milledge goes, I'll have a 21-pack of tickets for sale.

Is it April 6 yet?


Mike Bowers said...

Come on, Give Da Meet Hook some credit. He WAS the 2007 season for the Nats. And a healthy D young is a great asset off the bench. Plus he brings a fun attitude that makes me more excited about games. On another note, great blog, been following for awhile now. Thanks.

MikeHarris said...

Thanks. Appreciate the kind remarks.
I agree about 2007. But was it worth another 10 mil? And is he healthy? And is he a great asset off the bench? Can he handle that role?