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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Go Rams!

Baseball was far from my mind last night. A great show against a program I really respect. I covered Mason many years ago and think the world of Jim Larranaga. But one thing that's been terrific about my current job is getting to know coaches and players from a different side. Seeing the work this crew put in pay off is as rewarding as anything I've ever experienced.

If winning a World Series excites me as much, well, let's get it done soon.

VCU (12) vs. Clemson (5) in Portland, Oregon. You read it here first. Book it. And pick the Rams in your pools. As a good friend told me last night, pack two suits.


Chris Needham said...

When did you guys start wearing suits?

Pack one pair of khakis and two polos? (three, if you think you're going to spill something)

Oh, wait, you're on the professional side now! :P

MikeHarris said...

32 years and a lot of travel and I remain the worst packer in the history of the world.
I can't even go to a Nats game without excess baggage.