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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dr. Andrews - never a good sign

So my mood, so fine the past few days, has soured some with the news that Shawn Hill is scheduled to see (or has seen, I'm losing track of time) Dr. James Andrews.

Manny sez he hopes Hill gets some good news. Hey, don't we all? But let me ask this. How often does anyone go see Dr. Andrews and come back with good news? You don't go see Dr. Jim just for the hell of it.

It pains me to say it but I really believe we'll never see a healthy Shawn Hill. It's another John Patterson situation, sadly. What a damn shame. Talent out the wazoo and for reasons I can't explain, I've always been left with the impression that Hill has a better head than Patterson.

Like many things in my life, I hope I'm wrong.

On the subject of pitchers, I had high hopes today for Gustavo Chacin - so much for that. In 2005, a group of us Loosers from went to see a Nats-Toronto series as part of our annual outing (Nats-Baltimore this year, Nats-Seattle last year. Guess who picks the sites?). Anyway, the Nats won the first two and Chacin pitched the third for the Jays. I left there really impressed. Talked to an bud from Toronto who was not on the trip and he said the Jays were really high on him. Seems that 2005 was his high-water mark.

Too bad. I'd really like it to work out. Courtesy of Wikipedia (always so reliable), here are some fun facts on Gustavo:

*Chacín cannot grow hair because of alopecia areata.
*A joke on Toronto sports radio station Fan 590 that the name Chacín sounds like it should be the name of a cologne led the Blue Jays to do a Chacín Cologne night on June 27, 2006.
*Wears sunglasses while pitching regardless of whether he is in an indoor or outdoor stadium and weather conditions. Many have said he looks somewhat like a supervillain when wearing the glasses.

I can't grow hair either but I can't blame it on alopecia areata. And, c'mon. Gustavo Chacin is a great, great name.

I really want him to be a star. I also want Shawn Hill to be a star. I'm pretty sure neither will happen.

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