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Monday, March 30, 2009

Bullpen Stew

One week and it is April 6. One week. Can't get here fast enough.
One week.
Does anybody, including Manny Acta, have a clue who is going to be in the bullpen in one week? OK, I guess he has a clue. I'm going to try and guess what he's thinking. Besides the backup catcher - and I'm going to be very disappointed if it is not Nieves - the bullpen is only area where decisions still must be made (insert the 'barring a trade' disclaimer here).

Let's pretend it is a cafeteria. Manny is pushing his tray through the line, trying to pick seven courses from a mix of offerings that features everything from steak to mush.

Hanrahan, Rivera and Beimel are already on his plate.
Four more.

If Colome isn't on the team, why do they have spring training? He's earned a spot based on what he's done in Florida, unless I'm missing something.

Three more.

Shell. Hinckley. Mock.

No offense to Jason Bergmann, who seems like an OK guy. But how much better is he going to get at this point He is what he is - wildly inconsistent. I don't see that ever changing. He's one of the few guys who have played at least one game in every season of the Nationals, maybe the only one besides Zimmerman who remains (I'm drawing a blank, there may be someone else).

Mock over Ledzema. He can spot start, he allegedly has an upside though I didn't see anything to wow me in all the times I watched him last year. I can be talked out of that one without much difficulty. Ledzema barely registers on the excitement meter but it wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen.

Was Young worth the Rule 5 money? My guess is he starts the season on the DL and is either sent down if a deal can be made or returned if it can't. You can't hide a guy in the bullpen.

Tavarez' weak apology won't save him. I didn't know the recorders were on? Please. You were talking to the media. As I told my students in the fall, follow a simple rule and you won't look like a dumbass: If you don't want it quoted, don't say it. He talks about wanting to "mentor" the young guys. If that's the best the Nats can offer as a mentor, heaven help us all.

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