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Monday, March 23, 2009

Big change for me

One more personal post and then we'll stick to baseball. I'm sticking my neck out, doing something crazy. At least I'll have more time for baseball! Throw a brother some work, if you know anyone who can use these services.

I sent this to my co-workers this a.m.:


I always tell my kids to follow their dreams. My late, beloved mother always told me, “What are you waiting for, you’ll never be any younger.”

I’m finally going to listen to their advice. Almost 33 years into my professional career, I’m going to give running my own company a shot. Am I crazy? Sure. That’s one of my strengths and one of the reasons I think I can make this work.

My plan is to provide a full range of media-related services to both sides of the fence – those in the media and those who deal with the media. I will do some freelance writing. I have three books in various states of completion and I’d like to finally get those done. I will do consulting, interview preparation, media training, small publications and just about anything else people need along those lines. I’ve already contracted with another state university to evaluate their sports communications operation.

I started at VCU 14 months ago today and it has been a quick and fun ride. I’ve met and worked with many great people. I’ve added some skills to my repertoire that will help me in this new venture. Working with our tremendous group of coaches and student-athletes has made me a better person.

After packing up today and tomorrow and finishing a few small things, I will turn in the keys and my computer and start this new chapter in my life.

Please stay in touch and please consider Harris Media Services to meet some of your needs (must work on better slogan!). I can be reached at or

I’ll give this a year and I consider myself fortunate to be in position to try it. If it doesn’t work, you could see me bagging your groceries at Trader Joe’s or selling books at Barnes and Noble. Actually, either of those would be OK.

Thanks to all for making this an enjoyable 14 months.



Sean Hogan said...

Best of luck, Mike. I'm not really in the position to need Media services right now, but I'll know where to look if and when I do!

Anonymous said...

How about "Harris Media Services. We're not embarrassed by what we do!"?

Has Mr. Harlan signed on as a client yet?

MikeHarris said...

As much as I love Chico - that's funny.
He has not. I'll work my pitch on him later.

Dave Nichols said...

good luck Mike. it takes some gumption to attempt starting a business in this climate. we wish nothing but the best!

Steve Shoup said...

Best of luck Mike I will continue to look forward to your Blogs. May I say I greatly appreciate you offering some insight into the 'dream job' that everyone has been so focused on these past 2 days. Thanks for the honesty.

MikeHarris said...

More to come on that dream job!

Hendo said...

Way to follow the dream, Mike. I'll be rooting for you, and seeking reasons to pitch you some business. (Are you on LinkedIn?)

MikeHarris said...

Yes, I am and I'm going to figure out how to "spread the word." I'm not limiting myself to Richmond.
I'm on Twitter, too, though I have no idea why or how to use it. I guess I should figure that out, too.