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Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is relief?

When the Braves signed Julian Tavarez last season, I immediately called my son the Braves fan and gave him massive crap. "How low has your team sunk? This guy has played for every team! Are they that desperate?"

It goes without saying (so why am I saying it?) that I've turned my phones off this morning. I'm sure I'll have a chuckling message waiting for me to delete.

Are the Nats THAT desperate?

Julian Tavarez? Kip Wells? Sure, I know it is cheap and non-guaranteed and what's it hurt to look at them and all that. The question is why waste any money and time? Does anyone really think either one of these castoff types are an answer to anything? Daniel Cabrera they're not - still young with a ton of upside. These guys are what they are and what they are isn't all that good. Why waste time looking at them when you could be looking at somebody who can actually help in the future?

Gustavo Chacin they ain't.

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