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Friday, March 27, 2009

Diminished "AQ"

The morning reading provided by the folks at Nationals Journal is habit forming. Given that I've already accomplished the two things I wanted to get done today, I allowed myself some extra time to read all the links today. Some thoughts:

*So glad FLop is outta here, so glad. In my sports writing days, we used to talk about teams we covered and their AQs. That's Asshole Quotient. "They'd be a lot more fun to cover if the AQ wasn't so high" or "the AQ there is pretty low," that kind of inside stuff. I know when FLop was let go, the Nats' AQ improved very much for the better. I'm not a big fan of assholes, even being one myself.

*Paul Hagen of the Philly paper is generally pretty good. His piece listed there is boilerplate, a typical "visit the rest of the division and get some crap down on paper" type of story. But it chaps my fanny to read things like Zimmerman missing two months because of back problems. Unless my brain is shot, it was a shoulder deal, wasn't it? This is why God invented Google. Check that stuff out.

*I'm looking to trade in my old car sometime this summer. I wonder if Soriano would throw me a deal on his tricked-out ride? Seriously, would you be caught dead in something like that? TheBigLead is not everyone's cup of tea. I know the kid who runs the joint and he's a good and interesting dude. A little out there. He comes up with some weird stuff.

The Nats still haven't called me about doing a commercial and I'm getting a little bitter about that. I bought a new wide screen TV just so I'd fit on the thing.

Is it April 6 yet?

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