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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jorge? Jorge?

Why this occured to me just now I will never know. Odd the way the human brain works. I'm on a bus with the VCU men's basketball team, weaving our way through traffic toward Philadelphia and Thursday night's (late) matchup against UCLA.

It's been a productive trip. My headset is in and I'm listening to Blue Sky by the Allman Brothers. Great tune. The South Carolina-Davidson NIT game is on the TVs (the bus has DirecTV and wireless). I read about 50 pages of a Sue Grafton book. I got the VCU golf stats updated after the team completed a tournament today.

I answered some e-mail, discussed a couple simple logistical things with my communications colleague (we have a 10 a.m. meeting tomorrow).

And in the midst of all this? I ask myself, "Did Jorge Sosa get his visa problems worked out yet?"

I'm guessing not and I'm guessing I may be the only one who has noticed and I'm not even sure I care. I've written before that I thought for a while in 2005 that he was the next big thing. Wrong. Again.

Good for John Lannan getting the Opening Day start but did anyone expect anyone else? I haven't gone through it yet. Who gets the home opener - Olsen, right? It's the seventh game, or second of the second trip through the rotation. I'll be at the three Braves games before the home opener and then at the home opener. Is it possible I'll be totally disgusted seven games into the season?


Gus said...

In amswer to your last question - yes.

Anonymous said...

The home opener may not be Olsen. Although it's the seventh game of the season, there's an off day in there so that may allow them to go with a four-man rotation for the first couple of weeks. So the home opener could be the #2 starter, or it could be the #3. We'll see.

But God, I hope it's not #3. That's Cabrera, right? Could be an ugly opener.

MikeHarris said...

It won't be Jorge!
Maybe it will be my main man and fellow baldie Gustavo Chacin.
Green beer in Philly. Good stuff. Talked to some Phillies fans tonight. They don't know what's up with Jorge either.