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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Debbi Taylor did an interview with Logan Kensing on last night's pregame. It was a typical quick interview with the new guy thing - not very riveting and that's not a knock on Debbi. It's just the way these things go. We did hear three times that Kensing is a laid back guy. I'm still waiting on a clear definition of laid back.

Anyway, there was one very interesting tidbit in the segment. When Kensing isn't going well, his mom sends him a duck.

What? A duck?

This is where print beats the heck out of those quick TV interviews. Print guys can go in depth, get to the meat of the story so to speak. They can tell us more and I hope they're hard at work on that today. I need to know more about these ducks.

We talked about this over dinner last night (Peking Duck) as we watched the Nats win a game behind setup king Kip Wells and closer extraordinaire Julian Tavarez.

We've pretty much ruled out a live duck. They're probably hard to mail and they'd make the box all messy. Plus, as much as the guy has struggled over the years, that would mean a whole lot of ducks hanging around his apartment. So it is reasonable to assume this is not a live duck.

Is it a frozen duck that he can thaw and cook? It is a construction-paper duck? A cardboard cartoon duck? A chocolate duck (do they make those)? A stuffed duck? If so, we have one the dogs play with that we'd be happy to donate. It is a Shoebox greeting card kind of thing with a duck on it?

It really is a cute story. Mom's watching, Logan gets lit up, she runs out and gets some sort of duck and sends it along. Does it work? What are his stats immediately after receiving the duck? And, now that this has been made public, is the poor guy going to get overrun with ducks of all kinds as soon as Albert Pujols takes him deep this weekend?

Daffy Duck? Donald Duck? Daisy Duck? Dirty Duck? Clickety Clack Duck? Little Quack (you have to be old to get that one)?

I'm sure some are going to think I'm being snarky here. I'm really not. I don't think players' personal lives should be open books but I love little "looks ins" like these, things that show just a little bit of personality. Mom and the ducks is a great story. I want to know more.


Ryan said...

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it must be....

A laid-back reliever!

Now that you mentioned it, I'm more interested in hearing a definition of laid back. Does he play video games all day? Is he the quiet one when he and his friends go to the bar? Would he not even flinch if a random person slapped him in the face; just shrug it off and keep walking?

I need to know these things.

Oh, and my word verification was natsuk

Sean Hogan said...

Here you are:

MikeHarris said...

That link took me to the main sports page but a quick search brought up a March story called "60 Seconds With"

I like this dude's mom.

As I was reading, Ella Pupadupalous came up and dropped her nasty stuffed duck right in my lap. Perhaps she wants me to send it to Logan Kensing?

Gus said...


Di said...

love the riddle