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Sunday, August 9, 2009

And it was such a great night

Just got home from a wonderful night at the ballpark. My Son the Braves (and partial Nats) Fan joined me along with his girlfriend. Spent a couple of innings visiting with an old friend. Got a bobblehead. Had a great rib, well cooked and hot.

Saw a 5-2 victory. Seven! Made it home without traffic.

Then I saw this from Nationals Journal:

UPDATED, 6:04 P.M.: The MRI exam on Jordan Zimmermann's right elbow caused concern with the Nationals doctors and will be sent to orthopedist James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala., according to acting general manager Mike Rizzo.

Shit. Pardon my French. Shit. Pardon it again.
But I am so not liking the sounds of all that.

1 comment:

DoubleH said...

Sweet Jesus, anything but that! We need to sign Strasburg. Now. Any word on what we're getting for Guzman if he clears waivers? I sure hope Boston is willing to part with some pitching prospects.