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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shameless plug - but some good info

The recent Nationals Journal entry about the general manager search prompted one of those "ding" moments in my mind.
Jerry Dipoto, the current Arizona Diamondbacks executive who could be the front-runner (or so a national outlet says!), pitched at Virginia Commonwealth University during the late 1980s before embarking on a major league career.

My latest venture is a Web site called Virginia Sports Now ( Some of you have checked it out, some of you have already joined. We appreciate that tremendously.

I had brief communication with Dipoto this week, with the promise of more to come. While waiting to hear from him, I put together a few things and put up this story. Go take a look. Yeah, I know. A shameless, shameless way to get more eyeballs to my site. I'm so ashamed. Go read it anyway.

Does he deserve the job over Mike Rizzo? Does anyone? I have no clue. Although many will judge Rizzo by what happens (or what does not happen) on Monday, I can't find too much fault with anything he's done thus far. Would anyone take Milledge and Hanrahan back for Morgan and Burnett? That's been his biggest mark. How he drafted won't be clear for several years. How he deals with people is something we won't know unless we work there. Does he have the respect around baseball that our previous GM did not?

If the brass thinks Rizzo is the guy, I'm fine with that. If the brass thinks Jerry Dipoto is the guy, I'm fine with that, too. Or Jed Hoyer.

All I know for sure is I covered Dipoto as a college pitcher and I hope you enjoy what I put together on him.

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