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Friday, August 14, 2009

We're an optimistic bunch

With the clock ticking rapidly toward Monday *****

My latest poll: 23 think the Strasburg deal will get done, 12 do not. Boo on the total numbers! After three straight weeks of record voting, which raised my hopes of hitting 100 voters, we fell back considerably. I may just cry.

I'm partly to blame on that one. I sat this one out because I have no idea what to think. I'm optimistic one moment, pessimistic the next and there's no real rhyme or reason to why I think one or the other.

Scott Boras is known for the 11th-hour deal. Didn't Matt Wieters sign late with the Orioles when just about everyone had given up hope?

Are they trying to keep Strasburg available for the Padres next year? That's a big conspiracy theory I'm hearing. Not a real solid plan, given the way some teams go in the tank late in the season. In fact, three teams besides the Nationals have fewer wins than the Padres now. If Strasburg is in the 2010 draft, he won't slip past No. 2. (The Nats better be careful - their once insurmountable lead in the Harper Cup standings has shrunk considerably. The Royals are within 5 1/2 games!).

Who is the REAL general manager, who is the REAL manager? Do those things matter in this type of negotiation? I know I wouldn't take a job without knowing the identity of the boss but baseball is hardly a typical business.

Does signing Strasburg move Rizzo one step closer to losing the Pinnochio tag and becoming a real boy? Does not signing Strasburg seal his fate and eliminate him from consideration?

Is not signing him a "sky is not just falling, it done fell" moment or is Rob Dibble right and it is too much money anyway?

It is going to be a very interesting few days.

I'm in one of my optimistic moments right now. I'll be at the park Tuesday to pick up my free t-shirt and cheer when Stephen Strasburg is introduced to the crowd.


Anonymous said...

Gramere and I will be there too--Section 208.

MikeHarris said...

I'm not in my usual seat, as it is a trade-in game but I'm somewhere on the 200 level. Not in "da club," though.