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Saturday, August 1, 2009


The Nats are not.

I'll have more to say on all this later, probably after I return home. Shouldn't post much now when I'm so aggravated. Great park and the less I say about the game, the better. Keep in mind I just came from watching a guy who is knee high to Nyjer Morgan hit three home runs. Three. Heck, even I wanted to see him knock one out when he came up late in the game. I've never seen four live before.

The Pirates sent the winning pitcher out after the game. Wonder if the Nats have any similar plans for any of their pitchers.

Oops. I said I wasn't going to do that.

Oh, OK, one more. We've started a new game. Whenever Kensing comes in, we do a quick pool on which batter will go deep. I won tonight. Quack.

Darn, I said I wasn't going to do that.

Good night.

GREAT park, by the way.


bdrube said...

I'll give you credit for going all the way to Pittsburgh. At this point, I wouldn't walk across the street to watch a Nats game for which I didn't already have my season tickets.

Oh, and look, both Kearns AND Belliard are in the starting lineup today. Hey, at least the park is nice.

Schruender said...

Everyone says a million nice things about this place. I have to admit I'm tempted to go. I would like them to have some sort of product to put on the field though. Maybe McCutchen is that. In any event I tried to see the Cards this year in Washington and of course Pujols didn't play so I need more than one player.