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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Play-by-Play Interruptus

Dear Rob,
I hesitate to write this because, having met you twice, I've come away convinced you are a really good guy. When you stick to straight analysis, it is most always dead on and very good. Your willingness to both praise and criticize is appreciated and this team has sure given you a chance to do some of both.

Now I've never been a fan of cheering broadcasters, though I understand a lot do it. Nature of the beast. I feel us fans should cheer and broadcasters should broadcast.

Perhaps your employers want you to cheer. Perhaps that is just your style. Either way, I have one simple request: If you are going to cheer, can you pretty super extra please wait until Bob is done with the call of the play? It is very distracting to hear a "YEAHHH," or a "go go GO," or clapping when Bob is trying to tell us what is going on.

Thanks. Other than the cheering thing (and the timing of it), keep up the good work.

Oh, one other thing: You are flat-out crazy on Strasburg. I think $20 million (or so) is crazy, too, but that's the way of the world these days. You can't pass on a talent like that. If he isn't signed, it will indeed be a disaster. Of epic proportions.



ps - he clearly isn't reading between innings. I just heard "GET UP" and "C'mon Zim" here in the eighth but have no idea what Bob said.

ps again - completely unrelated, just how many ex-Nats are on the Marlins' roster? Brian Sanches is there? Ayala?

More ps (or bs) - see previous entry on Nick Johnson. Poor guy is now 0-12 in Marlins-Nats games this season. Maybe the Marlins can move him to Philly and give the Nats a chance to beat the Phillies a few times, too.


Kevin said...

I sincerely hope you've brought a lunch.

An Briosca Mor said...

You want him to wait until Carpenter is completely done calling the play before he cheers? That's okay, he'll still get his cheers in before the play is done.

I miss Carpenter's old calls from before he changed them in response to complaints that he was calling the plays prematurely. Used to be "SEE. YOU. Long fly out to left." Now it's "How far is that one going?" (And he never answers the question, either.) Used to be "There's a double play...but he beats it out at first." Now it's "There's a double play ball." Where, Bob? Oh, yeah, three innings ago. They haven't swapped it out yet.

Isn't it much more elegant to be wrong and not give a damn than to be ambivalent and occasionally right?

An Briosca Mor said...

Ex-Nats now Marlins, at least four. Johnson, Bonifacio, Sanches, Ayala. There's only one of 'em I miss.

MikeHarris said...

Me, too. They can pick up Wells, Tavarez and a couple of others, too, and there'd be only one I miss.
I'll drive Colome down there myself.

Gus said...

Not related, but surely this guy is our greatest ever player.