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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The numbers game

We'll let Interim Mike deal with the Big Numbers, like the 20 or so million it is going to take to get Strasburg signed in 11 days. Here are some other number-related thoughts that popped into my empty head on this rainy morning.

The Nats now have 36 victories. I think it is safe to put the 62 Mets in the rear view mirror. Heck, this hot squad could have 40 wins by the weekend. Is that really a big deal? Anyone who thinks a Mets-like mark wasn't a serious possibility earlier this season is flat-out drunk.

The next milestone? Let's see if this team can get to 63 wins and avoid a second straight 100-loss season.

My math tells me there's 54 games left. That means a .500 mark is necessary to get to 63. Doable? I think I heard the TV guys say Interim Jim's mark is now 10-11. So they don't have to pick up the pace too much. Now that the Nats have conquered the Marlins, anything is possible.

Is 30-24 possible? Odd that a 66-win season would almost seem like a playoff spot but that's the way I'm feeling now.

Suppose the Nats get really hot and go 34-20? No, there isn't Jack Daniels in my coffee. I know it isn't likely. But just suppose. Does 70 wins take the Interim away from Jim?

A friend asked me yesterday what I thought of him and I didn't really have a good answer. I'd rather someone fresh (oh wait, how did that work out the last time?) or someone with more of a name (Bobby Valentine anyone?) but if he goes 44-31, I'd be just fine with giving him a real look.

Did Strasburg sign in the time it took me to write all that?

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DoubleH said...

Too funny as I was just doing the same math yesterday afternoon. Before last night's game, my first reaction on them needing to do .500 the rest of the way out was, "no way." Now, I'm waivering a bit. I still think that's got to be best case scenario. To think they would do any better would take more research and analysis into whether the SP's are going to reach their season innings limits and who we have left on the schedule than I can commit right now.

It sure would be fun to watch though.