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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Khalil Greene

You knew it was coming. Admit it. Never a doubt. The only question when Albert Pujols stepped up in the ninth last night was not whether he'd crank one out of there but rather in what state would it land. I understand it came down in Delaware, somewhere near Dover.

My thinking today, though, has little to do with Pujols and more to do with the guy who tied the game in the eighth - Nats killer Khalil Greene. Every time he comes up, I think back to this game in 2005 in San Diego when he doused what little playoff hope the Nats have left.

I have always loved the guy. I have always wanted him to be a Nat. I seem to remember some rumor, maybe in 2006, that a Greene-Cordero trade was in the works.

He's a terrific defensive player. His recent offensive stats don't justify my love, I know that. Those who really understand stats can rip this argument to shreds easily.

Still, I'd take him in a minute. I don't know what's going on with this social anxiety disorder that's put him on the DL a couple of times. I'm pretty sure he's a free agent after this season and I would be rather happy - maybe unreasonably and unjustifiably happy - if he ended up a Nat.

It was just two years ago he hit 27 home runs and drove in 97 for San Diego. He faded hard in 08 and has seen the bottom fall out in 09. Good. That means they can get him at a discount.

Here's a story from earlier in the season where he talks about this social anxiety thing.

Here's another one.

He will be a free agent.

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Sean Hogan said...

I've been trying to block that game out for the last 4 years. I stayed up until just about 2 am (ended at 1:51 eastern?) listening to it on the radio and had to get up at 7ish the next day.