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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rigs still has work to do

The latest poll (still not to 100 votes): 34 say Jim Riggleman hasn't done enough to earn the permanent job yet, 21 say he has done enough.

I voted for not - and it isn't because I have anything against Jim Riggleman. I just want to see more. The team IS playing better with him in charge (this week excepted) but I think you'd see that with any new manager.

My new motto is In Mike We Trust. After the rudderless leadership of the previous GM, I'm going all in on this guy until he gives me reason to do otherwise. If he thinks Jim Riggleman is the guy, I'm in. If he thinks Jim Riggleman is not the guy, I'm in.

I wonder if he voted?

I also wonder if anyone has even noticed a little four-game losing streak has blossomed. The events of the past week are clouding everything. Is it 2010 yet?

How's the weather? It's nasty down here but I hope all is well in D.C. as my fellow season-ticket holders enjoy the Picnic in the Park. Just can't do it today, as much as I'd like to be there. One thing I found curious in the letter sent to us faithful: Ryan Zimmerman will be available for pictures but won't be signing autographs? Why not? I'm not a big autograph guy so it wouldn't matter much to me. But he IS Pete Franchise.

No free hot dog, chips and drink. No Frank Howard bobblehead to keep my Adam Dunn bobblehead company (though some are already available on eBay - hmmmmm, how did they get them to sell?). A four-game losing streak.

But Sir Strasburg is in the house. All is well.


Kevin said...

Zimmerman hasn't signed for free in a few years. He's got a contract with a sports memorabilia outfit.

MikeHarris said...

Really? I did not know that. Don't much like it, either. The day I pay for an autograph is the day someone has taken over my body.

I remember being an elementary school kid and getting autographs from the old Senators. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when I got Del Unser's autograph.

Kevin said...

If he keeps it up and has a few more All-Star appearances, it could be a nice little side income for him.

Frank didn't sign for free either.

An Briosca Mor said...

Somehow you must have missed the online brouhaha because Zimmerman wasn't signing at the NatsFest last winter. Apparently if you happen to run into him somewhere random and ask him to sign, he's allowed to if he wants to. But he can't participate in organized signing events without charging.

Count me as one who hasn't let the four game losing streak go unnoticed. I was there for losses two and three. The pitching from Balester was downright Cabreraesque. Dukes's outield play was abysmal, not to mention Guzman's play at short. Really, not much different than the days when Manny manned the dugout. I'm still not convinced that Riggleman represents any improvement over him. So Riggleman gives good post-game and they're taking infield now. Big whoop. They're still losing games they should be winning.

bdrube said...

Reagrding the four game loosing streak (intenionally misspelled in a transparent attempt to kiss up to the blogger), I was there for the Balester debacle and also last night. It seems to me the Nats are just getting beaten by better teams. Colorado was solid all around. They have starting pitching, a good bullpen, excellent team defense and just about everyone in their lineup can hit. Milwaukee is a bit more uneven, but Prince Fielder is a beast and that setup guy Coffey they brought in for the 7th and 8th innings throws harder than anyone on the Nats save for Zimm double NN.

The Nats have a LONG way to go. They need at least three more starters, four more reliable bullpen guys, a double play combo and a starting catcher who can stay healthy. By the time they get all those things, Dunn, Willingham and probably Morgan will be declining and/or have moved on. And oh by the way, other than Strasburg they appear to have little of the above needs down in the minors unless some of the young pitchers suddenly break out.

Tracy said...

If anyone has an extra Adam Dunn bobblehead to trade, I have an extra Frank Howard that I picked up tonight.

Ryan said...

The season ticket holder event was nice, but you pretty much had to pick one or the other: autographs or pictures.

My buddy and I went with the autographs. The lines were long, but they went pretty fast. I was never in line for more than 15-20 minutes. Longest wait was for Dunn, obviously.

Bergmann dissed my BP baseball. Riggleman didn't get an obvious joke. Other than that, it was pretty fun. Had Nyger Morgan sign his name AND T Plush, which was cool. He couldn't have been nicer.

The free hot dogs must have been left over from the night before. Worst hot dog ever. But people were walking around giving away free ice cream, which was good since it was about 100 degrees out.

Ended up with about a dozen or so autographs, but no pictures. Simply not enough time.