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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Belliard is a Dodger

sent to LA for RHP Luis Garcia and a player to be named. Just announced on the postgame.
Good for him, maybe he'll get a chance to play in the playoffs again.

He's responsible for one of my better moments as a Nats fan with that walk-off he hit against the Orioles last year.

All I know about Garcia is he's a Class A pitcher. I'll leave the dissection of the details to those who know more than I do. That's just about everybody.

Thanks for the memories Mr. Belliard.

Here is Garcia's player page - at first glance seems like a nice prospect.


bdrube said...

The fact that we got ANYTHING for Belliard shows how much we've improved at the GM position. Remember last year when Bowden couldn't even get a bag of baseballs for FLop, who was much more valuable than Belliard?

Kudos to Mike Rizzo for getting something of value and not just dropping Belliard outright when he was batting below the Mendoza line. Nice to finally have grownups in charge.

Sasskuash said...

I'm curious about who the PTBNL will be. Rizzo hinted in an interview that, while Luis Garcia is still a few years away (at 22 still in A-ball, I read that as just another guy who probably won't amount to anything), Rizzo also said the other player is much closer to making an impact. I don't know when this guy will be announced, but he could be the better part of the deal than Garcia is.

MikeHarris said...

My hope is that it is a player "so ready" he will go straight to D.C. - that's why they waited, so the Nats could add him after rosters expand.
We'll see. Those things usually don't stay quiet long.