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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some unsettling words

Sometimes I wish Uncle Stan would just say no to the microphones. Earlier in the season, he pretty much invited Philadelphians to turn Nats Park into Citizens Bank Park South. And they did.

In this AP report I just read, the words "very real possibility" he won't sign don't sit too well. Maybe he's giving us fans time to absorb the fact that Strasburg won't become a Nat. Maybe it's all just posturing or some such nonsense.

I just wish it was Monday and I just wish it was over - with him signed. I don't want to hear anything else from anyone until it is done, one way or another.

1 comment:

DoubleH said...

I just read the article over at Maybe it's wishful thinking on my part, but it sounded like posturing to me. A record deal (even 2x Prior's) is fine and even probably justified. Reworking the entire way draft picks are compensated? No fing way! Someone should get to Strasburg and have him check in with Aaron Crow to see how sitting out a year is working out.