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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's on

Streak over. C'mon, you didn't expect it to last forever, did you? I had hoped it would reach double figures. Maybe the next one.

The best part about last night's game came when Johnny and Rob were talking about Nyjer Morgan and football and their plans/desire to take him to a University of Maryland football game.

That immediately brought a text message from my son's girlfriend at her home in Silver Spring to My Son The Braves Fan, watching the game with me (and not gloating too badly, thankfully).

"What did Nyjer do to those guys to make them want to torture him like that?"

MSTBF and his girlfriend are graduates of Virginia Tech. In their orange/maroon highly biased eyes, there's only one way to get the full college football experience.

At Virginia Tech.

"Dad, you tell Nyjer we'll show him real football and a real football atmosphere," he said. "Make that happen."

My son really likes listening to Johnny. He had his hair buzzed, almost as close as mine, in honor of Johnny's grandson and we sent some money up to the hospital to support cancer research. I've assured him Johnny is as terrific a guy as he seems. I've also pointed out that Johnny does Maryland broadcasts.

Well and good, my son said. He still doesn't want to see Nyjer corrupted like that, which is how he sees the situation.

Virginia Tech is at Maryland on Nov. 14. My son and his krew will be there - along with lots of other Hokies - and he says Nyjer is more than welcome to sit with them. He's also welcome to join them for any of Virginia Tech's home games (he made the same offer to Johnny Damon after the Yankees played at Virginia Tech).

They may even have an extra ticket for Tech's opener against Alabama on Sept. 5 in Atlanta. But Nyjer has some other obligations that day that will prevent him from attending.

My son also said he'll find a ticket for Tech's appearnance in a BCS bowl game. It has Nyjer's name on it. He has roughly 4,305,201 hats with VT on them and he'll gladly send some Nyjer's way.

"Anything," he said, "to keep him from becoming a Maryland fan."

Oh, it's on.


Anonymous said...

Whatever, your son can eat it. Go Terps!

MikeHarris said...

Nyjer? Johnny? Rob? Which one of you Terps fans is that?

I grew up a Maryland fan, thanks to Lefty Driesell. My son simply refuses to acknowledge those genes.

Ryan said...

Good call by your son.

Dave Nichols said...

"I can coach. You can say what you want about this old left-hander, but don't say I can't coach."

i miss Lefty too. UCLA of the East!

George Templeton said...

Fear the Turtle on Nov. 14! This time the Terps finally stick it to the overrated Gobblers!