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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Who stole John Lannan's uniform?

And body? Because, resemblance aside, that's not him out there tonight.
If he goes in the tank, the thought of this team not losing 100 games suddenly vanishes, does it not?
Is this some trick being played by Daniel Cabrera? I thought he was in the Arizona organization now, not channeling himself into Nationals pitcher's bodies.
This is batting practice ugly.

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bdrube said...

You gotta wonder if a Lannan implosion was coming given his inability to strike batters out this year. He's been pretty blah in August before this debacle. Kudos to Saul for having his second three inning, one run relief appearance in a week and scoring two runs!

Personally, I think 100 is in the bag even if Lannan rights the ship. I wouldn't even rule out 110 yet, especially since we have series with the Cubs, Cardinals, Dodgers and Phillies twice coming up.

Two less than two inning performances and no quality starts on this homestand. The starting pitching is a disaster and the rebuilt bullpen is showing the effects of overuse.