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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hey Hunter - enjoy that replay

Wow, was that overruled strike three call awful. You just knew it was going to lead to some runs.
I realize the umpires don't have the advantage of a replay seen 1,000 times like I just had but this one wasn't close. I don't understand how that one could be missed.

I think Hunter Wendelstedt will agree once he does get a chance to take a look. Lot of good it will do the Nats at that point.

Oh well. Strasburg is still on board and one "interim" title has been removed. Not even Hunter Wendelstedt's cluelessness can take this smile off my face.


hleeo3 said...

That call costed the Nats the game. It threw off their game mentally and cost Mock another inning. What a terrible way to lose.

Ryan said...

As soon as that happened and they scored the first run, I turned the TV off. Knew how it would end.

Just turrrrible.

MikeHarris said...

Riggleman said on postgame it WAS tipped and his question was did it hit the ground.
It definitely hit the ground.
It was not tipped. I watched that replay 1,000 times. It was not tipped. Bounced off the ground and Bard caught it.
What they heard was it hitting the ground.

Ryan said...

No chance the ball was touched wood. None.

They need to make stuff like this available for replay. Then again, if you allow replay for this, where does it end.


Deez Nats said...

What really sucks about it is that the 2b ump is the one that called it without being asked and Wendlestedt reversed himself. Didn't Riggles get thrown out of a game recently for asking the HP ump to check with the 2B ump as to whether or not the ball was tipped and the HP ump said "no" and tossed Riggles when he asked anyway?

Total BS.