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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Congratulations and a question

Congratulations to Mike Rizzo on his apparent rise to the Big Chair, the removal of the acting title and all that. I'm not privy to all the inner workings and I don't know enough to actually know what kind of job he's done since March 1. I do know that what we're able to see on the surface indicates he's done the job well. This is a better team than it was two months ago - hard to be worse but not easy to get better - and it seems he has more respect around baseball than the previous GM.

I also love the timing. It's celebration week, so much so that no one seems to have noticed the two recent losses to the Rockies, who have turned Nats Park into a launching pad. What are we, Fulton County Stadium North?

So from the entire staff at NationalsFanboyLooser: Congrats to Mike Rizzo. Playoffs by 2011 or we're all over you, too. Kidding (sort of).

Now the question - what of Jerry Dipoto? There are persistent rumors that he's still involved somehow. Let me emphasize the word rumor. I've found many persistent rumors to be very true over the years but not always. So who knows? But this week's persistent rumor is he'll join the organization in some capacity - replicate his role in Arizona, something. Eager to see if that's true. Dipoto and Rizzo could make an interesting team.

Might not be as big a deal now, since he may not be involved in any capacity. But let's remember out there - the "p" in Dipoto is small. That is about the only thing I've been able to confirm in all this. My source on that is Jerry Dipoto.

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bdrube said...

Maybe Dipoto replaces Kasten? I'd be in favor of that. What has Kasten done other than allow Bowden to hang around too long and to encourage Philthy fans to come to our ballpark?

On a related note, I was at the park last night and wasn't seething when the team lost. It's funny how having a team pley well in a losing effort (excepting Balestar) and knowing there is a financial commitment to getting better changes your outlook as a fan. There was even a lot spontaneous cheering coming from the small crowd last night that wasn't for the other team. I hadn't heard that all year.